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Election to Nietzche to Eliot (with Gödel and Arendt!)

via the Daily Dish, Nikola Karras at Iqra’i tells how she was saved from existential crisis by a passage from The Waste Land. I’m not being snarky—it’s a good read.

I wouldn’t have put this under Inclusions were it not for the way I found it. Now I’m adding it to the non-poetry blogroll.

Update: She posts a good follow-up to a another blogger’s comments, where I find Freddie’s blog-slogan a quote from Titus Andonicus, which I once saw performed as space-opera, light-sabers and all. That play, by the way, demonstrates that we in the West still hold dear texts which would not seem strange to the Taliban.

Update 2: I suppose I am a post-modern formalist.

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1 MAS { 10.10.08 at 7:23 pm }

Remembering Andronicus. Isn’t being memorable supposed to be a Good Thing?

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