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About that Broom Closet …

I quoted James Hannaham at Salon the other day, thinking the predicament of an “experimental poet” without net access to be pretty funny. But aside from just what the hell an experimental poet might be, the question is whether, without the internet, any lightly published living poet would be any better off outside that broom closet than in it?

I say it depends on the meal plan.

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1 MAS { 10.28.08 at 7:07 pm }

Think of all the great writers who were productive in prison–the broom closet is smaller, but similar.

2 Mike { 10.29.08 at 10:10 am }

yabbut — it’s not productivity that’s the issue. It’s eyeballs, or ears, maybe, if you podcast. Most peopkle can;t even find the pooetry section in a bookstore, and not all the stores have a poetry section. I personally have many more volumes of poetry than the typical Barnes & Noble, even if you let them count all their duplicates separately. Poetry sales ranks at Amazon are below the toilet trap. The web is the only place for easy access to poetry, and even there the busiest poetry sites are hardly a blip — Ron Silliman’s ranked 8000 and something.

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