In a vain attempt to impress strange women, I started messing around with guitars when I was 18. Then I married a woman who wasn’t impressed, and for 12 years didn’t get any better until 1990, when I came home from work one day and my wife was gone. So I bought a mandolin. Two weeks later I met Ronnie Monroe at Sadlack’s (the bar at the end of the universe), and two weeks after that I was playing in a band.

Eventually, Ronnie and I, along with 7 other crazed hippies, ended up in a band called Anonymous. We had some local success, but cocaine and alcohol (not mine) put an end to it after 2 years. Later, until I left North Carolina, I worked with The Salamanders, singing and playing mandolin, bouzouki, guitar, electric guitar, and very occasional violin.

Here In Southern Maryland I’d been a mandolin slut for five years, playing with whoever would have me that night, but I met Krys Baker and became one of the boys in her Baker’s Boys Band—which morphed into the 10-piece Fractal Folk and then died early in 2013. I still play at open mics and, with Krys at First Friday celebrations.

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Fractal Folk on Stage

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