The navbar above, which appears on all the poetry related pages here, can take you to a little more than 40 of my Abandoned Poems, to a relatively new Occasional Poem from me, to a set of Double Dactyls written by me and by readers (like you!), to my poetry podcasts, to pics from readings, or to pages where you can commission a poem or buy my homemade chap 44 Sonnets. And if you have some free time, here’s my gig calendar, for music as well as poetry.

Below are links to external poetry sites including collections, zines, publishers, workshops, and conferences. I’ll be filling out the list and annotating the links as I have time. That means the lists are by no means complete and that there’s a bias toward formal poetry and to sites which are either controlled by or have printed poems by poets I admire. However unfair I may be in the selection of a site, once selected it’s in alphabetical order within a given section. My Formal Blog has links to individual poet’s sites.

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