I helped my ex-wife move in with her girlfriend
so now I've got a cat and some more furniture
and another weird story to tell,
some more plants, too— don't know
what they are, but plants aren't too hard
almost all of them you just water—
I used to feel guilty telling people my troubles
but think about this—

I've got 10 trillion cells— and every one
came from just one egg and one sperm
out of the hundreds of eggs my mother had
and the billions of sperms my father had—
and then there are things like
"What if my great-great-great-etc. grandfather
had bad breath the night my one less great grandmother
was conceived, would they still have fucked?" and so on—
I'm a pretty improbable guy, not even counting the gravitational constant—

And as amazing as I am, the really amazing thing
is that I'm really not me— those 10 trillion cells
are outnumbered 10 to 1 by aliens—
mites, bugs, viruses, bacteria, worms,
all kinds of things in my hair,
in my guts, in my mouth and on my skin—
I'm a walking universe and so are you,
all of you, all 110 trillion of each of you—

Anyway I like the cat, which I got because
they can't afford the deposit.
All those other things, you can't pet them.

(published in Matrix #48, 1996)