Man it was hot
we was shaking that whole barn
was shaking the floor
bounced four inches every beat
we was shaking that place
and it was hot the sweat
burned my eyes
but I was watchin her shaking
she was tall she was shaking
everything man
she shook her hair
and the sweat sprayed me she
was that close it was hot
and the sweat
ran down her neck and ran down
and soaked that cotton knit halter
I mean she was shaking
her belly was shining
that little line of hair
reaching up to her belly button
all soaked glued to her skin
O she was tall her shorts tight
crotched loose waisted
almost covered her ass
it was hot and we was all shaking
but I was watching her
and she didn't give a shit
she was shaking cause
she wanted to it
had nothing
to do with me