Hey man—you wanna see my bus? She don't run
Right now—the bastards took my money but
They didn't fix what was wrong, they just sold
A bunch of parts I didn't need. You know
How those bastards are, and when I went back
The guy said "Oh yeah you got a bad voltage
Regulator," well that's what I paid 'em for—
Where is she? Well that's what I'm telling you—
She's at my friends' place in the country near
Sonora, just south of Elizabethtown,
It's really hip, you know, they got this place
They built, it'll be really nice when we
Get the bread together to finish it.
I'm gonna carve totem poles for the porch—
I've got some really neat ideas about—the bus?
Oh, she's a thirty-nine foot, 'fifty-nine
Ford, she's painted blue right now but when I
Get some money, you know, I've got to paint
Her, I can't call her Babe, nobody would know
I wasn't being a sexist—you know Paul
Bunyan isn't a real folktale? It's just
A fucking advertising gimmick some
Lumber company thought up to make people
Forget they stole that wood from the Indians—
I mean what kind of country gets its myths
From Advertising? We live in these square
Houses, and there's no power in them, no psychic
Space. That's why I've got this bus—her corners
Are round, and when I want I can move her
To a place where the energy is high,
You know, where the level of power fits
My own space. But the voltage regulator
Is out and I can't move until it's fixed.
I've been working to get the inside ready
So I can live there, building beds and shelves
For all the stuff I need, scamming as much
As I can, and my friends have been real nice,
Letting me park the bus there while I get
My shit together.

You wanna see the bus?

Why don't you come down—you've got a car, right?
I could get a ride with you—nah, I don't
Have a driver's license, never could see
The use of dying on the highway—but
I'm sure they'd feed you a really nice meal,
And we could party, if you've got some dope.
And when I've got the bus together, if
You want, we'll go and see this place I know
The Indians knew about—you won't believe it, man,
You just won't believe it.